Dating Deal Breakers

The holiday season is upon us, once again. Love, romance, and the quest for both are in the air. Lots of people are setting up dates. Whether they are a simple coffee or a dinner and a show, plans abound. So do nerves, especially when first dates are on the horizon. The question on every dater’s lips seems to be, “How do I make a good impression ?”

There are many books and articles out there devoted to attempts to answering that age-old question. Advice is everywhere. What advice to follow seems to be confusing, at best. Honestly, avoiding dating deal breakers seems to be the best advice out there.

Dating deal breakers vary for men and women. I surveyed one hundred male college students and one hundred female college students at the Community College of Vermont. They were asked simply, “What are your top ten dating deal breakers ?”

Coming in at number one, with forty-two women answering was bad personal hygiene. One woman commented, “I had a guy pick me up after a workout at the gym. He reeked.”

The number one answer for men was “Mentioning commitments, marriage, or future kids before we are in an exclusive relationship.” thirty-eight men cited that as their number one dating deal breaker.

Smoking was number two for women. Number two for men was trash talking about the ex. Bad manners came in at number three for women. Ranking third for dating deal breakers, according to the men surveyed, was a tie between possessiveness and jealousy.

Number four for women was a lack of ambition. Being too nosy was number four for men. The fifth most popular dating deal breaker for women was poor money management. On the men’s side, lack of sex was a dating deal breaker.

Dishonesty and infidelity are tied for the sixth most popular dating deal breaker for women. In at number six for the men was the lack of common interests. The seventh-ranked dating deal breaker for women was shallow behavior. The seventh-ranked dating deal breaker for men was infidelity.

The eighth dating deal breaker spot, for women, was bad parenting. For men, the eighth spot went to “pressure to commit.” In at number nine, was having a criminal record, for women. According to the men surveyed, the ninth dating deal breaker is “already having a kid or kids.”

The tenth dating deal breaker for women was the lack of compassion. The tenth spot for men went to being a bad cook. So, what can be learned from this survey?

For men, it would seem that women are looking for a guy that takes car of his hygiene, doesn’t smoke, and has good manners. Women seem to be looking for ambitious men who plan for the future and know how to handle money. Another trait women seem to find attractive is men who are good parents or who plan to be. Cheating, lying, and a criminal history, are turn offs for women, as is shallow behavior.
For women, men would seem to be looking for women who don’t want a commitment right away, who don’t mind sex before marriage, and who aren’t possessive or jealous, or single mothers. Filter out the deal breakers and meet someone special on LOV Dating App (

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