For Girls: 15 Statements to Avoid in your Dating Profile

Waiting to meet prince charming in a romantic fairy tale fashion? Don’t hold your breath. According to a recent study by, 37 million of 54 million singles in the US are members of either Match or eHarmony. That’s almost 70%! It turns out the most popular way to meet someone is online – big surprise (but not really). With this shift in social dynamics comes with the challenge that many women may not be fully aware of – the importance of your online profile.

Your online dating profile matters. A lot. In a world where we want more information in less time, especially when it comes to online profiles, how do you compete? Let’s call it Profile Optimization: getting your best traits across in as little time as possible. One of the first steps in optimizing your profile is to choose your words carefully.

We asked 50 male online daters from popular dating app LOV Dating App ( for their opinions on women online profiles. Here are some of the most common statements women make in their profiles that get them overlooked by prospective partners:

You say: I’m not looking to hook-up

He hears: If I choose you, sex is off limits for the first 1 to 3 months.

Not hooking up isn’t a bad thing, but when you use your profile to express this, you are sending the message that you have had rocky relationships. It also conveys that you either have or will have your guard up if anything intimate happens. Instead of outright saying this, consider relying on your intuition to gage whether a prospective party is going to make an interesting first meet up. Look for shared interests and other appealing characteristics.

You say: I love to travel

He hears: She’s been somewhere before *shrugs*

This statement doesn’t say anything. Point out your favorite travel destination(s), and why, as conversation points. If you say where you would like to go, limit it to one or two places with a brief reasoning, anything more seems like a wish list.

You say: Let’s tell people we met at {insert location}

He hears: She is embarrassed or skeptical about online dating, and cares very much about what people think of her

This tells me you’re a tad dishonest, and it’s also a bit childish. More people are meeting online every day, and it’s much less taboo nowadays. If you’re that concerned about what your friends think, you probably shouldn’t be online dating at all.

You say: I like to party

He hears:  This girl loves to party all the time, party all the time

Party girls are fun, for a while. Depending on the type of relationship you are looking for you could be broadcasting the wrong message here. Men tend to think of party girls as short term fun, and long term liability.

You say: I work a lot

He hears: You work too much and won’t have much time to spend with me

This statement is valid as more hard working professional

singles move to online dating. Try to find someone with a schedule similar to yours. This way he understands your plight more than someone with larger amounts of free time might.

You say: I work hard and play hard

He hears: You work too much and won’t have much time to spend with me

Unless your pictures show otherwise, we know you don’t party hard.

You say: I’m looking for someone who {fill in the blank}

He hears: She is picky and has had bad experiences. If I am not just what she’s looking for at the start, she’ll be leaving before we have a chance to get to know each other.

DON’T SAY WHAT YOU DON’T WANT! Say what you DO want, and make it as succinct as possible: reliable, Prince Charming, honest, good in bed, etc.

You say: I don’t play games or want any drama

He hears: Her ex caused drama that was partially her fault

Oh yeah, this has crazy written all over it. If it’s not from you, it’ll be from your baggage. Avoid this phrase.

You say: I’m shy until you get to know me

He hears: She doesn’t talk much, and she’s a little boring

If shy is who you are, say it, but counter it with why a guy will be intrigued, for example: I’m shy, but warm up fast, or I’m shy at first but love to laugh.

You say: I’m loving life

He hears: Everything is going well for her and she has a life full of happiness or…she’s out of things to write

This statement is useless filler text. If there’s a story behind the statement, briefly tell the story.

You say: I like going outdoors or being inside

He hears: She likes being…alive

When you make statements like this, you may need to ask yourself “What would I think if I read this on someone’s profile?” If the answer is nothing, then don’t do it. You only have a few sentences to be memorable, don’t waste it on verbal white noise.

You say: I like to stay in with a glass of wine and Netflix

He hears: She is sooo bored, she wants to be saved

Know your prospective partner: if you’re looking for someone to settle down with, fine. Otherwise, this tells men there is nothing particularly interesting or fascinating about your life.

You say: I’m easy-going

He hears: She’s not crazy, please believe she’s not crazy

Easy-going means relaxed. This a common state for most people. It would be more interesting to say you are an air breather (humor points are golden).

You say: It is what it is

He hears: Here are some words

Just don’t.

You say: Social profile (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

He hears: She believes she’s so important, I’ll want to follow her

Yeah…not gonna happen. NEXT.


You say: I’m looking for friends

He hears: She’s looking to hookup

Come on. You know it’s true. We all know it’s true. There’s a reason that 33% of women have sex on the first online dating encounter.” 

The male statistic is unsurprisingly higher but, hey, #ShareTheLOV

What are some of the statements that are the biggest turn-off for you? Post here.

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