There are 6 Kinds of LOV. Which Love Do you Share?

Ever wonder why you and your partner seem to butt heads all the time or how it’s possible that you two can be the ideal match? Figuring out which love style you fit into can help explain that and making sense of your partner’s love style can help to enhance communication between the two of you!

1. Eros Love
Passionate and infatuation driven, eros lovers are all about that physical beauty.  Jack and Rose are eros lovers

2. Ludus Love
Ludus lovers revel in game playing. They want variety and fun in their relationships and keeping secrets is just part of what they do. Of course, explicit commitment is a no-go in these relationships, but – surprisingly – they are satisfying for many.
Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey, enough said!

3. Storge Love
Pronounced “store-gay,” storge lovers are very companion-oriented. Think of them as the golden lab of the bunch. They offer friendship, security and consistency. For better or worse, this can lead to minimal passion and too much predictability.
She's the Man

4. Mania Love
This one’s pretty self-explanatory! Mania lovers are obsessive and easily made jealous. Their self-worth is often tied to the relationship. These lovers require a lot of energy, and they’re the ones who end up feeling physically ill if separated from their partner for too long.

5. Pragma Love
Pragma, short for pragmatic. Lovers who fall into this category are more realistic and view love as something logical. They fall into it for practical, functional reasons. Think of the Clintons or every Sandra Bullock character.
Is she playing a character or just herself? The world may never know!

6. Agape Love
Finally, we have agape lovers (uh-gahp-ay). These are our altruistic folk who are selfless and truly want the best for their partners. A common problem that arises for agapes is feeling resentment towards their lover for never sacrificing quite as much.

It’s important to remember that just because you and your partner have opposing love styles, doesn’t mean you can’t have a wonderfully fulfilling relationship! As long as the two of you bear in mind that the other may understand and want to receive love in a different way, you’ll be more golden than Pony Boy. In instances of giving love, sometimes it isn’t best to treat others how you’d want to be treated, but rather to treat them how they want to be treated.

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